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NOTE. The Green Bay cohort advertised in the flyer below has finished training. We are currently building the roster for the next cohort. It will not be in Green Bay but at various sites across the country. If you are a Skillbridge-eligible veteran interested in the program, reach us through the form below.

This is a Personal Story

I transitioned to a career in manufacturing in 2014 after serving ten years as a West Point Cadet and Infantry Officer in the US Army. My work in this industry has shaped my post-military life, providing me with an incredible sense of purpose, a personal mission, and a means to provide for my family. Manufacturing has so much to offer, and so many needs that veterans can fill it is up to us to innovate new ways to care about and serve each other.


The Battle for Veterans

My brother, MAJ. Sean P. Leahy served as a United States Marine Corps Platoon Commander during challenging tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He incurred severe physical and non-physical injuries while in the armed forces. On December 1st, 2022, he succumbed to those injuries and, sadly, is no longer with us.


Every year, 200,000 veterans who separate from the military struggle with traumatic experiences during their service to our country. When you are on the inside, you are one of many; when you exit, you are one. Veteran men and women often lose their sense of identity, purpose, and stability when they leave the military. As a result, the transition from military to civilian life can aggravate a veteran’s mental health and increase their risk for depression, addiction, and suicide.


My brother needed help, and there are so many military veterans out there that need support. We all must do our part, and Renaissance Reliability is committed to this overwhelmingly important calling.  

We have partnered with Medalcraft Mint on the Manufacturing Leaders Project, which will be revealed at MARCON 2023! Find us there; otherwise, contact us using the form below.​


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch, join the team, and let's get started helping vets and making reliability a core value! 

We are looking to demonstrate reliability best practice to the world. If you believe you are the best in your area of expertise and you have the guts to prove then you belong on this team!

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