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We are...

Renaissance, our calling is to enlighten Industry and escort them out of the dark ages of maintenance and into the modern era of Asset Management.

Reliability is our core competency keeping manufacturers up and running and profitable.

R-Squared, because R-Squared is the statistical measure of how well a model explains and predicts results. A high R-squared is a sign of understanding and control. Our model RESH is tops.

RESH, because reliability is a core value the same as environmental, safety, or health.

We care and are here to help!

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We believe...

Manufacturing is in the midst of a Renaissance, and leaders are realizing the urgency of change.


In American Manufacturing, our challenge isn't a lack of resources; it's a need for resourcefulness. Embracing resourcefulness can provide a significant competitive edge. Resourcefulness springs from smart decision-making.


Right now, we have a generational opportunity for Cultural Innovation – a timely rethinking of manufacturing norms, tools, language, and values. This innovation enhances decision-making and secures long-term success for American Manufacturing.

In our vision, everyone shares accountability for production, reliability, and ESH performance. We've coined this vision "RESH" – an ideal where collaboration takes precedence over compromise. Each department must uphold its KPIs while safeguarding the company's mission from short-term departmental interests.

We firmly believe in the might of American Manufacturing – a realm of power, talent, innovation, and a global manufacturing trailblazer.

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